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Provides optimal
comfort for you
and your family.​

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Monitors the
quality of the air
you breathe.

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Blends perfectly
with your home


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Wireles sensor
with 12+ months
battery life.
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*Temperature (°C)
*Humidity (%r.H)
*Air pressure (hPa)
*VOC level.
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Communicating via
Bluetooth Low Energy
to your stove,
your phone or other
connected devices.

Why is important to live in an ideal environment?

»Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are important indoor air pollutants produced by evaporation at room temperature from paints, wood, fabrics, cleaning agents, air fresheners, cosmetics, furnishings and floor and wall coverings. Indoor VOC levels exceed those outdoors, and are further increased by cigarette smoking and if a garage is attached to a house. Greater use of VOC-containing products has, together with more effective insulation and less external ventilation of modern buildings, contributed to increased VOC exposure. The possible health effects of indoor VOC exposure are a cause for concern, given that people in general, and children in particular, now spend most of their time indoors«

* Volatile organic compounds and risk of asthma and allergy: a systematic review Ulugbek B. Nurmatov, Nara Tagiyeva, Sean Semple, Graham Devereux, Aziz Sheikh European Respiratory Review 2015 24: 92-101; DOI: 10.1183/09059180.00000714

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